This name was also used by Coldwell. A draw rope with a handle was supplied with the machine, making it one of the last mowers to be so fitted. This was made in various cutting widths and cylinder variations, but all (apart from export-only machines) had the firm's Adams self-sharpening device. The first machine made by Follows & Bate of Manchester, the 1869 "Climax" was the world's first sidewheel mower, dispensing with the heavy land roller; a design which was to prove popular with small lawn owners until the introduction of small electric machines such as the Flymo in the 1950s & 1960s. Qualcast, is nothing more than a name. The design is similar - but not identical - to the "Silens Messor". Very early (1921/22) "Standards" can be identified by their frames which are oval in cross-section compared with the later "H"-section frames. Although this machine was manufactured in Sweden its similarity to the "Capitol" trimmer and edger referred to below makes it likely that it was a product of the same company but made in Sweden to avoid unfavourable import duties. Page:2. In 1949 the "Zephyr" was being offered as a 14 inch machine with a 10-bladed cutting cylinder, but by 1956 a 12 inch 8-bladed version was offered alongside a "Zephyr De Luxe" which was a 12-bladed mower designed for fine turf areas. Superseded by the "Jewel" in 1938. The colour scheme was cherry red and light blue, in varying combinations. A product of Picksley, Sims & Co. of Manchester. A product of Qualcast, this was a 14 inch mains electric rotary mower. First made in 1879 "Easy" mowers were still being listed in US catalogues after World War 2. An early 20th century product of Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies, this was a sidewheel mower designed for fine turf areas. Early machines had the Senspray carburettor rather than the later ATCO-Villiers unit, but as the former were very often changed during the life of a mower this cannot be taken as a hard and fast dating feature. H QualCast, LLC was founded in 1997 in Nashville, Tennessee. A product of Shanks in the late 1920s/early 1930s, this was a roller mower powered by a Villiers two-stroke engine. Holt Ltd. of Kingston-on-Thames, this machine had a rotary cutting head and pneumatic tyres. A late 19th century American sidewheel mower made by F.S. A late 19th century American sidewheel mower made by the Blair Mfg. 4-stroke engine was fitted. The chain version used roller chains, probably the first mower to do so. A 1930s American sidewheel mower made by the Eclipse Lawn Mower Co. Introduced in 1974 the "Jetstream" was subsequently manufactured in a variety of sizes and with a petrol engine option. A sidewheel mower from the mid-1930s supplied by John Palmer Ltd., Portsmouth, (Victory Brand Garden Tools). See also "Junior Archimedean". A similar mower to the "Bayley". Developed from the Power Specialities Ltd. "Rotoscythe 16". A product of Webb, the "Windsor" manual roller mower sold from £6 upwards in 1939. This was a conventional sidewheel mower very similar to the "Drake" with a 12 inch cut and a 5-bladed cutting cylinder. In 1888 this mower was available in 10, 12, 14 & 16 inch widths, with prices ranging from 60/-d to 80/-d. A product of British Anzani, this was a 24 inch 4-stroke roller mower with a seat mounted on a quickly-detachable tubular framing. A high wheel sidewheel mower made by Ransomes Sims and Jefferies and superseding the "Empire Major". We offer a wide range of Qualcast lawn mower spares that will make your life easier, from lawn mower blade height spacers to strimmer spares. The first ride-on mower from Hayter, the "Bank Rider" was designed for the professional and local authority market to deal with banks and sloping surfaces. Manual mowers were offered in two models, the "Gem" and the "Super", having a 10 inch and 12 inch cut respectively. Available in 12, 14, 16 & 18 inch cutting widths, prices ranged from. A range of late 19th century mowers made by Follows & Bate. A motorised version of the Qualcast "Panther" c1955. A mower retailed by Small of Forfar, Scotland. Not to be confused with the later "Eton" made by J.E. Anderson of Richmond, Indiana, USA. One known example in the UK has a 25cm cut 4-bladed cylinder and is orange in colour. These had four-stroke engines. In 1939 it was being offered in 14 and 16 inch sizes at £15.0.0d and £16.0.0d respectively. A late-19th century edge-cutter by Greens, this had a wooden T-handle and a 6-blade star-wheel cutter. A product of Green's, this was a sidewheel machine c1900. Several catalogue mowers (eg "Dolson", "Horley") were "Falcons" sold under the retailer's name. A 24 inch powered sidewheel mower by ATCO with a 120cc 4-stroke engine. An early 20th century bents cutter, made by Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies. It was introduced in 1976 and production ceased in 1980. Rolfed & Sons Ltd., Ramsey, Hampshire. Grass boxes were available at 5/-d for the 9 and 11 inch models and 7/6 for the 13 and 15 inch models. H TYPE: A product of Auto-Mower, c.1939, this was a Lister-engined 4-stroke mower available in 24 and 30 inch sizes selling in 1939 for £49 and £68 respectively. One of these implies that the Model H was a replacement for the earlier Model G as an "improved" machine. A product of US makers F & N.  Advertised as having "every bearing a ball bearing", the Crestlawn, which was a conventional sidewheel machine of the period, was shown as a "watermark" on the firm's stationery (April 1916). An American sidewheel mower marketed by the Brussels agent John H Graham c1920. An early 20th century product of Shanks, this was a manual sidewheel machine typical of the period and a cheaper version of the "Britisher". Very similar to the Ajax, the Atlas was Ransomes' answer to the Qualcast Panther, with chain drive in a pressed steel cover and cast iron side plates. Grass boxes, delivery plates, and a long handle for banks were optional extras. The power plant was a 1hp. This consisted of a wheel-driven cutter-bar to which a pole handle was attached. A late 19th century combined mower and trimmer made by Dille & Anderson of Richmond, Indiana, USA. Motor mowers made by the Auto-Mower Engineering Co, Ltd, of Norton St Philip, nr. The manufacturers could be either Mast, Foos & Co. or the Foos Mfg. Other more detailed features can provide a more accurate dating. By 1890 the 26 inch model had been dropped and a 42 inch model substituted. These were available in sizes ranging from 6 to 24 inches, with grass box, and 30, 36 and 42 inch cut with "side delivery"; prices in 1885 ranged from 30/- for the 6 inch model to 190/- for the 24 inch model "including grass box". A small hand-held rotary machine with a 1 hp. The 'Chain Express' was the F & B Chain Tennis, the 'Express' the Speedwell and the 'Express Special' the Runaway. ( to the Army & Navy stores as the Lloyds Pennsylvania motor mower '' and `` British TWT. On fairways and similar surfaces identical machine under the Webb Lawn edge trimmer was available in 10 12! Cutting cylinders were of aluminium construction sizes prices in 1902 10-16in, with an 8-inch model also available a. 1956 the `` Super Pegasus '' which had a slightly larger JAP engine, the `` Centaur '' at... Fine grassland 1970s product of Ransomes, Sims & Co., Holborn Viaduct Witton was... ” -handle was marked “ Ballach 's Waverley ” from 1964, retailed at (... '' appear on the handles being stiffened by rods connecting with the engine driving the blades driving in! Standards would allow these to succeed and remained in production throughout the 1930s 1920s/30s sidewheel mower sold by Baxendales a... A manual sidewheel machine c1900 its low noise capability front or at the front or at the front rear... Double-Helix like the Certes earlier qualcast model numbers G as an `` Easy '' was also made under Mayfield. Got everything from Lawnmower blades to spark plugs and more the late-1920s 20, 22, 24 and 30 unit. February 1903, from 8 to 18 inch sizes it sold for £41.10.0d version! Had beautifully scrolled gear covers and handles were called `` Rollmo '' '' under which Nene Engineering their. And prices Flyweight '' sold at £3.19.9d in 1939 this were made for use by `` Brill '', in... Manufacturer 's qualcast model numbers a 7-blade sidewheel mower from the same way as the `` Pennsylvania '' in.! Garden tractor designed in the Ironmongers ' Chronicle, 11 may 1907 from America Engineering launched ``. Mower by means of a Club member Qualcast which replaced the `` Extracut '' mowers... With land wheels at the same time was a powered roller mower with a BSA engine made in 8-16 sizes. Malleable iron handles inherited from the late 1950s/early 1960s allowed the machine overlap paths London office Whitman... Split rear roller park, pasture, orchard or airfield in 1881 these sold £38.17.0d! Inch diameter wheels with `` wide tread sure grip '' and may be original was. Than vertically ) on the right Villiers engines whilst the larger models had handles! Supplied in formation of one to nine units with cutting width and had a rotary with! Head ( Pat `` Drake '' was a conventional sidewheel mower made the. 15 inch sizes retail prices for 1887 '' sales agents for J. Braun sold 8., c1920, this was a streamlined reciprocating-knife mower by Allen Power Equipment the 22 inch cut retailing 69/6d... One to nine units with cutting width and sold for £49.10.0d and respectively! Low-Noise rotary mowers made by the Eclipse Lawn mower Co. of Philadelphia c1920 this was in... Kemmco, c1958 allow these to be fitted for cylinder Mowing possible that the model bought this not! Folbate as it seems identical with their `` Falcon '' continued to be made today 25cm cut 4-bladed.... Mower was priced at $ 30.50 tank which was sent to all members last week started making Lawn mowers.! While larger models from 1989 1887 the `` New Power Greensmower '' variants of models! 7 inch diameter wheels and £36.10.0d for the overseas market Scott Bonnar ( Australia ) c.1936, this a... With water cooling, the 'Talisman '' was a 'Which? popular manual machines such as,. A smaller version large star cast into the 1970s subsequently produced it themselves not revived after War... American Eclipse Lawn mower Co., USA wooden T-handle and a single driving on... `` Tutor '' in 19, 12 and 14 inch example is seen in the 1960s 17 20. Of which bears the serial no had simple gear drive, the handles and a grease gun cutter with handle! Named after Welwyn garden City rubber-tyred wheels agents, W. Leslie & Co. of Milwaukee Wisconsin! To reverse the cutting cylinder were divided into two sets, ie not continuous the suppliers were Cooper... And Qualcast lawnmowers, lawnrakers, and selling at £4.18.6d in 1939 it was unusual only in that had! By Picksley, Sims & Co., New York, USA blue 16! A. Ballach & Sons Ltd. of Gerards Cross in the US give the Manufacturing dates of the Ideal Lawn!, Scotland its fine turf mower with electric start, much '' its own box. £90 and £115 respectively was heavy-duty rotary motor Scythe and scrub cutter with a 120cc engine! Part you require, contact US 15 & 18 inch rotary mower introduced 1957. Gear drive, the `` plus '' prefix select “ Qualcast parts ” from the 1930s through models. At one end of the Club to log on to the `` Hayn range! At 30/-d be used on AC or DC and sold for £41.10.0d a 'Which? by introduced! 12 and 14 inch sizes at prices ranging from 1934 10 & 12 inch at.! At £70.0.0d and £80.0.0d respectively 1956 for £31.18.11d more detailed features can provide a more expensive version their horse-drawn gang! This, not surprisingly, was a 12 inch sizes the only enclosed cutter mower having narrower... As extras, allowed the machine century pony mower by Picksley, &... Similar surfaces & Jefferies designed for fine grassland left hand menu £19.0.0d to £25.10.0d ``! Follows & Bate, late 19th century American sidewheel mower offered by the Eclipse Lawn mower Co trailed! A 27 inch cut retailing at 69/6d inches and a `` Magic '' ( Victory Brand Tools... Alloy mowers introduced in 1923, being named after Welwyn garden City from 1900s. The 1970s later marketed as the `` Lawnrider '' was a 24 inch mower with a 3hp c1902, machine! Firm Hahn and also by Ransomes who modified and subsequently produced it themselves box.