His main gameplay-style involves regular combos ending with his Sunlight Yellow Overdrive (it can be extended for more damage up to 49 hits), his Zoom Punch as a long range attack, a ranged variation of his Scarlet Overdrive wave on the floor and his Luck & Pluck sword return as a 3 Hit-Combo that can be used to inflict large amounts of damage. Date of death Kazuyuki OkitsuW (Anime/ASB/EoH)MiscellaneousHideyuki TanakaW (PS2)Kazuya NakaiW (Young; PS2)Jūrōta KosugiW (OVA)Katsuyuki KonishiW (Movie) JoJo (lifelong nickname) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. During EXTRA BATTLE and 77 RINGS KNIGHT MODE, Jonathan is playable with both "Luck & Pluck" and without it. Despite not having any specific conversation or interaction with Joseph, they both appear as rivals in one of the promotional videos for the western version of the game, J-Stars Victory Vs +, with their battle titled "WHEN GRANDSON MEETS HIS GRANDFATHER!". [20] However, not having thought of putting in on anyone, Jonathan didn't discover its true purpose himself. Birthday I like it! Jonathan is able to land a Sunlight Yellow Overdrive on Dio but he quickly puts himself together. Believing Dio dead along with most of his minions, Jonathan's group destroys the Stone Mask.[12]. JoJo's Bizarre Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Male After DIO's death by Jotaro's hand, he and Joseph expose what remained of Jonathan's body to the sun as an apparent end to their feud with DIO, allowing Jonathan to rest in peace. Jonathan fighting Dio as the Joestar Estate burns around them. Minimum level: 10 You can reach him without stand jump by going the other side while climbing to DIO and jumping on him. Jonathan Joestar: Death: Immediate Family: Son of George Joestar and Mary Joestar Husband of Erina Joestar Father of George II Joestar and Private Brother of Dio Brando. The first Joestar protagonist of the series, Jonathan Joestar is the epitome of a true gentleman, always selflessly fighting for what's right. Height 1. He was confirmed along with Will Anthonio Zeppeli and Johnny Joestar. Alias Kazuyuki OkitsuW (Anime/ASB/EoH)MiscellaneousHideyuki TanakaW (PS2)Kazuya NakaiW (Young; PS2)Jūrōta KosugiW (OVA)Katsuyuki KonishiW (Movie) Brown (Digital Color)Blue (Anime)Black (ASB, EoH) Killer Queen Bites the Dust (キラー・クイーン バイツァ・ダスト, Kirā Kuīn Baitsa Dasuto), or more simply known as just "Bites the Dust" (BITE THE DUST(バイツァ・ダスト) (負けて死ね), Baitsa Dasuto, kanji lit. Chapter 44 - Fire and Ice, Jonathan and Dio, Part 6 His typical attire tends to reflect his noble background, characterized by stylized tunics over. Brown (Digital Color)Blue (Anime)Black (ASB, EoH) That drive, fueled by his affection to his friends and loved ones, enabled him to overcome the direst situations, notably managing to save his wife Erina when their boat was overcome with zombies and he was fatally hit in the throat. [13] Jonathan fights for what he believes in, and once he is committed to something, he won't back down until the deed is done. Film Jonathan appears in the game's intro, along with Jotaro, Josuke and Joseph (Part 3) as part of an image of previous Joestars representing how Giorno inherited their "golden soul." Jonathan Joestar Jorge Joestar aside, I personally really like the idea that Dio kept Jonathan’s skull as a trophy/twisted tribute to him. [5] Speedwagon manages to take Jonathan to a hospital, where the protagonist ends up seeing Erina for the first time in seven years. Johnny Yong BoschW (English Dub) During his battle with Doobie, Jonathan was able to eject poison out of his bloodstream via Ripple transfusion. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 1 Chapter 1, https://your-bizarre-adventure.fandom.com/wiki/Jonathan_Joestar?oldid=59376. Manga Debut Occupation When George fell ill, Jonathan found a letter from Dio's father, Dario, and realized that Dio was poisoning his father to steal the Joestar family fortune. 1-5)20 (Ch. Eye Color Taking their battle underwater, Jonathan is at a disadvantage as he is unable to maintain proper breathing and thus is unable to use Ripple. With his courage and spirit, Jonathan sets a legacy as the first JoJo of the series. A model of Jonathan Joestar from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle. Dub Voice Actor Even after everything Dio has done, Jonathan still considers him his brother, and sheds tears for him. Chapter 44 - Fire and Ice, Jonathan and Dio, Part 6 Relatives A skilled Ripple user such as Jonathan has the ability to walk on water, strengthen objects and increase their potency, increase jumping height, and much more. During Toriko's team arc, the player takes control of the duo Gintoki Sakata (from the GINTAMA franchise) and Boa Hancock (from the ONE PIECE franchise), as they both claim to have seen a person walking across the water towards their direction. Eye color Jonathan is the main playable character in this game. [15] He is gentle and sympathetic, feeling pain even as he vanquishes a zombified copper. Jonathan is a playable character along with Joseph Joestar (Part 2), both representing the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise in the game. Manga Luca is a man of average to below-average height, being nearly eye to eye with Giorno, with a hutched stature. Joseph is the second to be named JoJo of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series. Joseph is the main protagonist of … As a nobleman, he'd sometimes replace the tie with a ribbon-like his father's. Species ", which erroneously implies that Jonathan, as Joseph's grandfather, is much older than him, as well as alive by the time Joseph is 18 years old, rather than the game's incarnation of him being only two years older than his grandson as the two are from completely different time periods. Hair Color Jonathan married Erina Joestar (born Pendleton) on month day 1888, at age 20. Even prior to learning the Ripple, Jonathan was able to hold his own against three thugs, Speedwagon among them, with sheer might and willpower. Drawing near to the village, the group is attacked by a newly zombified Jack the Ripper sent by Dio. Jonathan returns as a playable character in the PS3 game. Jonathan's moveset mostly comprises of the Ripple-based moves he had used in the original manga. Seven years later, Jonathan attends Hugh Hudson Academy where he intends to graduate as an archaeologist. OVA He admitted that his reason for fighting Dio wasn't out of duty for saving the world, but to avenge his loved ones that Dio had killed. ” ” Joseph Joestar is the main protagonist of Battle Tendency, a core ally in Stardust Crusaders, and a supporting character in Diamond is Unbreakable. One of the main conveniences of the Ripple is the ability to heal the body to an extent. Jonathan’s Family Restaurant[1] 105 kg[3] (231 lb) Cause of Death Likewise, agonizing from a wound in the throat (which also led to a loss of oxygen going to his brain), Jonathan managed to use his last Ripple on Wang Chan to dispose of a horde of zombies and Dio at the same time by controlling Wang Chan's body to make the boat explode. Regardless, Dio orders Wang Chan to rip off Jonathan's head while warning him to be both respectful and wary of his new body. Blood Type Date of Death Dio learns of this and decides to deny Jonathan any chance of romance by forcibly taking Erina's first kiss, instilling deep shame in the girl. Dio attempts to convince Jonathan to let him go with promises of immortality, only to learn that he had already died before the two were consumed in the inferno caused by the ship's explosion. : looks This small appearance marks Jonathan's first appearance in video games media. Japanese Voice Actor With Speedwagon's help, Jonathan finds Dio's poison supplier, Wang Chan, and obtains the antidote for his father. 1,95 m Jonathan later learns from Speedwagon that Dio had apparently set up base at Windknight's Lot, resulting in the disappearance of several of its citizens. Johnny's family also bears noble lineage, but makes its residence in America instead. In his battle against Dio, Jonathan becomes a Ripple user under the tutelage of the master Will Anthonio Zeppeli. Despite standing up to Dio, Jonathan was unable to find Erina afterwards, while learning that his beloved dog, Danny, had died after being "accidentally" placed in the incinerator. Status It is only after the dying Zeppeli infuses Jonathan with his remaining ripple that the youth revives with the strength necessary to defeat Tarkus. At that time, Jonathan crosses paths with Erina; the two become close and eventfully fall in love. Japanese Voice Actor [17], Yet Jonathan can feel righteous fury at the evilness of his foes, and will conduct justice by vanquishing them. Jonathan appears as a support and help character in the game. 105 kg Stand The player then moves on to playing as a shirtless Jonathan against Tarkus, with the added bonus of having a constantly regenerating Ripple meter thanks to Will A. Zeppeli passing on his Ripple ability to Jonathan. Other Information The last level played as young Jonathan is against young Dio, when Jonathan attacks Dio in a fury over what he did to Erina. In the anime, these sleeves are converted into shoulder pads. Jonathan's moveset consists of most of his attacks featured in Part 1. Height Give him a bloody nose, and he'll come back twice as fierce! Zodiac Sign While in the manga Jonathan lost this fight, the game includes an alternate scene should the player defeat the bullies, where he helps Erina back up on her feet only for him to be struck back down when the bullies realize who he is. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A[3] Japanese Name This applies to the rest of the Pillar Men. ジョナサン・ジョースター Some of his famous JOJO poses appears as taunts and intro/victory poses. [3] Though he had no physical proof other than Dio's clear animosity towards his biological father, Jonathan left his own in the care of physicians while attempting to find an antidote. Jonathan Joemama (YBA Name) Here, his moveset only consists of punches and kicks. The two distinct features of Luca's appearance are his constantly leaking right eye, which he received due to a previous facial injury, with the scar noticeable under his eye, and his bangs which come down into two points. Adhering to the norms of the Victorian eraW, Jonathan's childhood attire consisted of a collared shirt, breeches, and a pair of long socks with dress shoes. [11] Dio, livid over Dire's last attack, summons his zombies to take care of the others while he deals with Jonathan one-on-one. Features: - Fully posable body including the face and some of the hair by Banana-Jonathan; Whack-A-JoJo Character(More JoJo's Coming Soon) by Banana-Jonathan Jonathan Joestar Hamon (or the Ripple) is a martial art based on unknown origins, it is where the user controls their breathing to manifest their life energy and body heat into a weapon, it is noted to be hard to learn, and not many people have the talent and requirements for it. Profile Dio then reveals his strongest zombie warriors, the knights Bruford and Tarkus. Managed by: Private User Last Updated: November 7, 2014 During his honeymoon and final encounter with Dio, he wears an ornate suit with a long tail over a collared shirt with straps on the shoulders, and a cravat. 12[2](Vol. Luca wears a coat with flower patterns covering it, which are given more detail in the manga, over a button-up s… Once you give him both, you get Hamon. The playermodel includes: - Custom proportions - Original rig - Jigglebones for his clothes - Viewmodel hands Dio, having learned the power of the Stone Mask, attempts to kill Jonathan and use his blood to transcend humanity and become an immortal Vampire. Jonathan Joestar is the protagonist of the very first part. ), he then will say, "Recently, I lost something that belongs to a friend. [18] Moreover, he has no pity for truly despicable individuals he is not familiar with such as Doobie.[19]. As such, it may not be considered canon.). Status this refers to the Zeppelin's Headband item, where you need to bring to him for hamon. Media Place of birth Aries[3] Brown (Digital Color)Blue (Anime, ASB, EoH) Dio then shoots beams of pressurized eye fluid at Jonathan's throat in an attempt to instantly kill him, but the attack only fatally wounds Jonathan with his stopped breathing preventing him from using his Ripple. George Joestar I (Father)Mary Joestar (Mother)Danny (Pet) Dio Brando (Adopted Brother)Erina Joestar (Wife)George Joestar II (Son)Giorno Giovanna (Biological Son)Lisa Lisa (Daughter-in-law)Joseph Joestar (Grandson)Joestar Family Tree Cause of Death Dio managed to kill George Joestar with help from a … Jonathan Joestar is the first protagonist of the manga and anime ''JoJo's Bizarre Adventure'', being the main character of part one, Phantom Blood, wich is loved by some and ignored by many. April 4, 1868[3] Male Episode 1 - Dio the Invader Dio arrives at the estate and sees Jonathan, Speedwagon and George waiting for him along with constables to take him away for attempted murder. Media Richter Belmont vs. Jonathan Joestar (By … Most of his moveset and character model remains the same from All Star Battle. Make it Like YBA Where You Keep the items in your Inventory after You Change Servers. If you talk with Jonathan, He will say, "It's all about the technique. After a long struggle, Jonathan plummets Dio into the inferno and impales him on a statue of the goddess Venus, effectively trapping him in the flaming building. During University Rugby matches, he wears a standard striped rugby shirt and pants with long socks. FinalAppearance He had also performed incredible feats of strength, such as jumping from the hilt of a sword and hoisting himself up to the second floor while doing a flip over the guardrails, despite his arm being inhibited by a spear pierced into his pectorals. Jonathan set his fists on fire to remove Dio's advantage and lands a Ripple-infused punch into Dio's stomach while sending him plummeting off the edge of the balcony. Landing within an ancient knight's battleground, Tarkus ambushes the group and manages to trap Jonathan in the "Lair of the Two-Headed Dragon", forcing him into a Chain Neck Deathmatch. JoJo (lifelong nickname) Dub Voice Actor Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Jack the Ripper and Zeppeli the Eccentric (3), Fire and Ice, Jonathan and Dio (story arc), Tarkus and the Dark Knight Bruford (story arc), Tomorrow's Courage, The Successor (story arc), The Three from a Faraway Country (story arc), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood (PS2), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle (PS3), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Shooters (Android/iOS), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven (PS3/PS4), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Records (Android/iOS), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood (PS2 Game), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Shooters, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Records, https://jojo.fandom.com/wiki/Jonathan_Joestar?oldid=383723. In late 19th-century England, the young son of a wealthy landowner, Jonathan Joestar, meets his new adopted brother Dio Brando, who loathes him and plans to usurp him as heir to the Joestar family. George Joestar I (Father)Mary Joestar (Mother)Danny (Pet) Dio Brando (Adopted Brother)Erina Joestar (Wife)George Joestar II (Son)Giorno Giovanna (Biological Son)Lisa Lisa (Daughter-in-law)Joseph Joestar (Grandson)Joestar Family Tree Jonathan’s Family Restaurant[1] His 3 Koma support involves him tossing Ripple roses at the enemy, striking them with LUCK & PLUCK and performing a Scarlet Overdrive on them. 12[2](Vol. After learning of Dio's deed, Jonathan confronts him at the Joestar Mansion where his resolve for Erina's honor and his dignity gives him the strength to overpower Dio. During the trip, Jonathan is led to the ship's hull by Wang Chan, where he encounters a bodiless Dio. Namesake He was capable of wielding various weaponry held by the suits of armor in the Joestar Mansion. Archaeologist[5] Joestar Stand (postmortem) New additions to Jonathan's attacks includes him using the spear he attacked Dio with shortly after his transformation as a Powerful Attack. As a Ripple-user character (along with William, Joseph [Both Parts 2 and 3], Caesar, and Lisa Lisa), Jonathan can recharge his Heart Heat Gauge through "Ripple Breath" by holding down the Style button, performing a famous JoJo pose, as well as deliver enhanced versions of skills if Style is inputted in place of normal attack buttons. Nationality Much like the previous level, the player can change how the fight went from the manga by having Jonathan beat Dio, although the resultant scene has Dio turn everyone against Jonathan anyway by claiming Jonathan hit him with a rock. 10 BEST: JONATHAN JOESTAR. Hair Color Biographical information From the gentlemanly Jonathan Joestar to the moody Jotaro Kujo to the young mob boss Giorno Giovanna, these heroes also have friends by their side and many terrifying foes to face. Birthday Jonathan is one of the first 3 available characters the player must choose to be his first team leader (alongside Joseph and Jotaro). This was either accompanied by a blazer, vest, and tie, or a pair of suspenders. Jonathan even notably used his belt as a supplementary whip before ever acquiring the Ripple, as well exploited the fact that Windknight's Lot was a coal mining town to deduce that a lake would have air pockets at its bottom to surprise Bruford with an unexpected production of Ripple. Jonathan has a mindset where he tries to imagine the consequences his actions would have on other people, even if they appear to be enemies. Dio reached an epiphany that their fates were deeply woven together, motivating him to take the Joestar's body as his own. Jonathan Joestar Teaches you hamon for 3k. Physical description Anime Chapter 1 - Prologue He serves as an ally boost with DIO, mocking his classic line "it's useless!" The player also earns the "Turquoise Blue Overdrive" special move to use against Bruford in the first underwater boss battle, and in the second phase of the battle, the player earns his Sunlight Yellow Overdrive super move. He is paired with DIO in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, defeating Zeppeli and Koichi Hirose in the first round and Wamuu and N'Doul in the second. Son of nobleman George Joestar I, Jonathan is an honest, kind and positive man whose life is fraught with tragedy after meeting the antagonist Dio Brando. Despite the accident, Jonathan lived a happy carefree life until Dio Brando entered his life. 195[3] cm (6 ft 5 in) [13] With his death, the Joestar Family survived through Erina and their unborn son. Using skills will drain a portion of the Ripple Gauge until there's an insufficient amount to use. Phantom Blood (PS2 Game) Twelve years later, Jonathan comes to the aid of a young girl named Erina Pendleton being bullied by two brats, despite lacking the strength to defend her honor properly. Gender ChineseZodiac Hamon user Jonathan Joestar VS Captain Falcon (By Goldmaster1337) 4. A[3] Episode 1 - Dio the Invader [YBA] Me in roblox jojo games be like by -Derm-DIO's World by PlsGiveMeT0es; Talk To Banana Jonathan Joestar Simulator by Banana-Jonathan; Banana Jonathan Hacks Scratch EP1 by Banana-Jonathan; Google Translate Messes up JJBA Songs + Voice Reveal???? Gender If fighting against Kars, Jonathan will realize he created the Stone Mask that caused his life so much misery and in his victory quote he states Kars will pay for what he has done. It wasn't until Dio came up with a sweet idea for both Jonathan and himself to do together. Jonathan Joestar Teaches you hamon for 3k. Jonathan Joestar vs All Might 2. The very last level has the player use a fatally wounded and dying Jonathan, with very little health left and only enough energy for one last Ripple attack, in an attempt to recreate the final scene of Part 1. Official Name: ja ジョナサン・ジョースター: Date of Birth: 04.04.1868: Date of Death: 07.02.1889: Gender Identity: male: Bloodtype: A: Height (in cm) 195: Weight (in kg) 105: abilities: boxing Boxing is a combat sport in which two people, usually wearing protective gloves, throw punches at each other for a predetermined set of time in a boxing ring. Jonathan has an arsenal of ancient martial art techniques, most inherited from Will A. Zeppeli and involving Ripple, at his disposal. Both boys separate themselves to keep themselves busy only to fail miserably. Eye Color Anime Debut After completely healing Jonathan's body, Zeppeli reveals that Dio survived the estate burning and offers to teach Jonathan to utilize a respiratory-based solar energy called Ripple in order to defeat Dio and destroy the Stone Mask. Jonathan's counterpart in Steel Ball Run is Johnny Joestar, formally named "Jonathan". Jonathan intended this to cause an explosion that would sink the ship and hopefully put an end to Dio for good. They had one son: George Joestar. 195[3] cm (6 ft 5 in) Filling up the gauge will automatically empower his Normal and Powerful Attacks, and enhance/alter the properties of all his skills. The player starts off Story mode as Young Jonathan, defending Erina Pendleton from bullies harassing her. if you choose the left option (Can you teach me... this technique? Using the last of his Ripple, Jonathan destroys Wang Chan's head and manipulates his body to obstruct a piece of the cruise ship's mechanism. Jon Jo is a 3 Star Hero based on the character Jonathan Joestar from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and is obtainable only through the Hero Summon. Film Jonathan's role during the Story Mode is limited to quick appearances. Along with the The World, it was stated that DIO's semi-precognitive abilities that seemed to have resulted from a Hermit Purple-like Stand were due to a Stand power that awoke in Jonathan's body. Jonathan infuses Bruford's sword, "Luck & Pluck," with Ripple. Jonathan was in a difficult situation when he found out about Dio's plan to get rid of George Joestar. Jonathan Joestar vs Hero of Time (By SuperSaiyan2Link) 3. Jonathan is a playable character in the game with many different unlockable statues that are Courage or Unity types. During his journey to find a cure for his father's illness, he was ambushed by a band of misfit hoodlums. Chapter 1 - Prologue Age He is one of the 5 units based off characters from JJBA, the others being Dio Brando, DIO, Yoshikage Kira, and Jotaro Kujo. Relatives Jonathan eventually realizes he can use the glass to detect Jack before defeating him by transmitting Ripple through the wall. Leon Belmont vs Jonathan Joestar (By Raiando and Commander Ghost) 7. April 4, 1868 As Bruford breaks down, he regains his human soul and in respect for Jonathan leaves him his sword.[9]. Jonathan is the main protagonist of the series' first story arc, Phantom Blood. [28] During his battle with Tarkus, he was also able to heal his broken neck after receiving the Supreme Pass Overdrive from Zeppeli. D&D Beyond The player moves on to the "adult" Jonathan chapters, and it is around the Ogre Street level that the player earns his "strong kick" special move. Brown (Digital Color)Blue (Anime, ASB, EoH) Jonathan's famous quote "What are you doing? In the semifinals, they defeated Mariah and Esidisi in the first round, but were eliminated by Kars and Pet Shop in the second. Of all the Joestars, Jonathan probably wins out in terms of raw physical strength alone, but with each Joestar's abilities taken into account, Jonathan just doesn't stack up. Academically, Jonathan graduated from university after having written a celebrated thesis in archaeology. In a fight, Jonathan is adept at thinking of moves on the spot and using the environment to his advantage. Unlike the previous game, Jonathan's main color scheme is now based on his anime appearance. Great Britain's sea Erina was born in 1868. Jonathan lands a couple of sword attacks on Dio but he survives them with his inhuman powers. Phantom Blood (PS2 Game) Join Facebook to connect with Jonathon Joestar and others you may know. After being discharged from the hospital a few days later, Jonathan meets Will Anthonio Zeppeli, an Italian martial artist trained in the art of Sendō. 6 onwards) JoJo is determined to rid the world of Dio's evil, Jonathan also possesses a fierce inner strength and the drive to face and overcome conflict, which Dio calls an "explosive power". Twelve years later, Dario apparently died of illness and Dio went to the Joestars. Date of birth Reoccurring articles of clothing include a cravat, bowtie, thick boots and a vest. As an infant, his mother died in a carriage accident. long sleeve shirts. Profile 6 onwards) Zodiac Sign ジョナサン・ジョースター Anime Manga Debut Despite Jonathan's last act, Dio manages to take the headless body of his rival for his own and resurfaces from the ocean depths a century later. The vines are strong enough to support his own weight and long enough to bind someone completely.Hermit Purple is consistently portrayed as being purple across all media featuring it, befitting its name.Hermit Purple represents the TarotW Card The HermitW, which symbolizes introspection and contemplation, best represented in the Stand's powers of divination. [10] Afterwards, Jonathan cremated Zeppeli's body before resuming the search for Dio. That same accident indirectly brought Dio Brando into his life, because Dio's father unwittingly saved Jonathan's father while preparing to steal from the wrecked carriage. Deceased [7] Once at Windknight's Lot, Jonathan and his group are unknowingly led by a hypnotized boy named Poco to a graveyard where Dio's large number of minions ambush them the moment night falls. Jonathan has many alternate costumes, all taken from each of the 5 volume covers in which he appears. Johnny Yong BoschW (English Dub), 3.2 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood (PS2), 3.4 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle (PS3), 3.6 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Shooters (Android/iOS), 3.7 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven (PS3/PS4), The brave and noble characters from Phantom Blood, (The information below derives from a Video Game not written by Araki. He reveals his intentions of becoming a bonafide gentlemen having opted to help her only to pursue that goal. He grew up with his adoptive brother, Dio Brando. Despite Jonathan trying to be friends with Dio, the latter would become his nemesis both as a childhood rival and as an undead enemy. After the battle, Jonathan appears surprised he lost the match and says he still needs more training, then introduces himself by saying "My name is Jonathan....Jonathan Joestar.". Stand Soon after meeting the Ripple masters Tonpetty, Straizo, and Dire, Jonathan saves Poco's sister from Doobie before confronting Dio. Manga Debut: Chapter 122, The Thing on the Plane. Aliases After meeting Dio, Jonathan's life spirals into hell as Dio attempts to break Jonathan's spirit through dominance and isolation.[1]. Weight Two weeks after the Windknight's Lot incident, Jonathan marries Erina and the two board a ship heading to America for a honeymoon. 2. View the profiles of people named Jonathon Joestar. Human After Dire is killed by Dio's freezing powers, Jonathan gets the idea to counter Dio's freezing by channeling his Ripple through Bruford's sword. He did not so much as flinch as he grasped an assailant's knife within his hand, saying he had much more riding on the fight than merely four fingers. Marth VS Jonathan Joestar (By Commander Ghost) 8. Jonathan Joestar last edited by Dude9295 on 12/07/18 03:32PM View full history Origin. Weight It will also shorten the cooldown time on said skills. Fatal throat injuries via Dio Brando Alongside the attacks, the Ripple has various other uses in combat. Decided to port him to SFM. 1. [14] Once freed, the renamed DIO uses Jonathan's body to impregnate a few women: resulting in the births of Giorno Giovanna, Donatello Versus, Ungalo, and Rikiel. The person is revealed to be Jonathan, who challenges the player's team, claiming that he's training to defeat Dio (likely a reference to Zeppeli's Ripple training, when they followed Poco by running over the water). Jonathan giving Dio the beating of his life.